Vitor Paladini

Speaking to people
and through machines.

My name is Vitor Paladini and I’m building a better, more profitable, digital workflow at one of the best creative studios in Rio.

I’ve been working with code since mid 2011, back when WordPress was on its 3.2 version and people weren’t so afraid of robots taking their jobs.

I enjoy staring at a bright screen, coding for hours on a caffeine induced state of Flow as much as the next guy (this website runs a headless WordPress on a Next.js Redux Saga front-end).

However, I’m really passionate about and quite good at communication.

Speaking about Growth-Driven Design @ WordCamp Rio de Janeiro 2016

My best days at work are the ones where I help people understand why they need a digital product, and how we can find and resolve their pain points in the most goal-driven, user-centered, data-inspired way.

You might want to check my GitHub for unfinished JavaScript projects and shitty Twitter bots, and my LinkedIn profile for a more well-rounded presentation of my work persona.

Oh! And I also run a personal development blog focused on teaching programmers what code doesn’t. (posts in portuguese).

Say hi on Twitter if you need to talk, ok? You probably will find some weird brazilian memes and lots of tweets in portuguese, but don’t let it scare you, it will be a pleasure to reply.

Peace and long life.